Whatever your role in services, we can help you hone your skills and boldly be brilliant.

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  • Are you an executive in a product company where making money on services is a priority?
  • Do you want to learn how services can help you sell more products?
  • Are you trying to really sell solutions and not just talk about it?
CLICK HERE to learn the successful strategies and proven practices of what it takes to build a brilliant (and profitable) service business.
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  • Are you a service leader within a product company trying to profitably grow services while efficiently supporting your products?
  • Do you want to better align your services strategy to best support your company’s mission?
CLICK HERE to learn the brilliant practices and lessons learned that are required to build, align, lead, manage, and coach a brilliant services organization.
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  • Are you a sales, services, or marketing executive tasked with helping land big deals and grow loyal key accounts?
  • Do you want to learn how to sell and support solutions that deliver brilliant customer experiences and lock in customer loyalty?
  • Are you trying to start or enhance a global account management strategy?
CLICK HERE for the definitive strategic account management resource.
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  • Are you a service professional (e.g., professional services consultant, support account manager, or field service engineer) that wants to excel and take charge of your career?
  • Do you want to learn how to influence with integrity?
CLICK HERE to learn how to think and act like a brilliant service pro.


Engage our consulting services to discover new revenue streams, optimize productivity, and leverage existing assets and resources.
From executive retreats to team-building seminars to global conferences, powerful presentations that inspire and motivate.
Our systematic, practical approach focuses on the critical knowledge, skills, and tools required for immediate performance improvement.


“Alexander Consulting’s insights into the challenges that organizations face as they move from a product-centric to a services-centric organization is thought-provoking and extremely helpful. My company found their assessment tools very helpful and we will use them as we develop our services strategy.”

— Donald G. Klenner
Vice President, Services Delivery
Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc.

“As a result of the services training conducted by Alexander Consulting, CDI was able to close several professional services consulting engagements worth over $10 million dollars in two months!”

— LeRoy Ruggerio
Vice President, Technology and Professional Services
Computer Design and Integration

"I find Alexander Consulting to be innovative in their approach and very results-oriented. They deliver the value they promise and work with you to find real solutions, not just identify old problems."

— Tom Schlick
Vice President, World Service Group
DataCard Corporation

“Great class! I will use all of the tools and skills I learned!”

— Gregory Woolf
Senior Consultant
Shell Oil

"Having people from all of our EMEA offices in the services sales training was a great way of helping salespeople network and learn with the interactive exercises. The presenters were very knowledgeable and they had a very common sense approach that was easy to follow."

— D. Crone
Regional Account's Director
EDS/Global Field Services

"Alexander was tasked with organizing a services sales training for participants from 19 countries with a diverging knowledgebase. The results were fantastic. Alexander was the ideal partner for this specific S&T service sales training. We will definitely engage with them in the future."

— Karl Promberger
Business Unit Manager, Managed Services
S&T Group


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