Boldly build your brilliance.

Ask Alexander Consulting to train your key services pros to give them the mindset and knowledge, skills and tools, required to think and act like a brilliant service professional.
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  • Becoming the Brilliant Service Professional. This two-day, highly interactive workshop will educate and inspire your services professionals to step up their performance. Click here to download brochure.
  • Leading Brilliant Service Professionals. This one-day, highly interactive workshop will motivate your management team and share what it takes to lead, manage, coach, and transition your service providers into BSPs.

If you want to change performance, you are going to have to change the behavior (and usually the mindset) of your key personnel. The tailored training we provide is critical, but without appropriate coaching and reinforcement you will get a lousy return on your investment.
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Contact us today at 239-671-0740 or for more information and to learn how we can tailor our training to the exact needs for your organization.