As an executive in a product company exploring getting serious about services, you have several questions to answer, such as:
  • Why is brilliant service such a marvelous opportunity for many product companies?
  • Under what circumstances can brilliant service be a competitive differentiator?
  • What are the probable benefits of brilliant services to your company?
  • Which of the three service strategies is most appropriate for you to best support your company mission?
  • Why will seriously selling services help you sell more products?
  • What are the potholes on the path to brilliant service and how can you avoid them?
  • How can you stop giving away service and transition from free to fee?
  • How can you transition your box pushers into sellers of the invisible?
  • How do you overcome a product-centric culture?
  • What are the steps to adding brilliant professional services to your core service business?
  • Where should you start?
Collaborate with us, and we will help you answer these questions in a timely, thorough, and appropriate fashion.

Is Alexander Consulting right for you? Here are four ways to test the waters:


Cheap and Easy
For less than the price of a gourmet pizza you can tap into Alex’s best thinking on successfully building brilliant service within a product company.

Seriously Selling Services offers research-based, field-proven core and best practices, lessons learned, and benchmarks for successfully selling services.
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Finding new, profitable streams of revenue…this is one of the prime objectives of almost every executive on the planet. But the choices are few, the challenges big, and the results often mixed. Who has not suffered through a difficult merger or acquisition? How often have the projected benefits of new market strategies never been accomplished? However, business leaders in many product companies are discovering that selling services can not only meet this goal of delivering new, profitable growth, but also sell more products at the same time. Is it simple? No. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth the effort? You bet.

Seriously Selling Services offers research-based, field-proven core and best practices, lessons learned, and benchmarks for successfully selling services. Alexander brings to light the misconceptions that can stop serious initiatives before they get started and offers fresh insights on how to succeed in this lucrative and worthwhile endeavor--regardless of the industry you’re in.

This essential business tool reveals:
  • Why selling services helps sell more products.
  • Why everyone needs to sells services.
  • How to tap the power of your hidden sales force within.
  • How to determine if selling services is appropriate for your organization.
  • Which of the three selling services strategies is right for you.
  • The common barriers to seriously selling services and the common steps to addressing these barriers that never work.
  • Five mandatory “got to do it” actions required to turn box-pushers into sellers of the invisible.
  • Four free-to-fee strategies that never work.
  • How to transition from free to fee and not irritate customers or drive the sales force crazy.
  • What executives must say and do, and do again, to make the transition to selling services.
  • How to grasp the challenge of the channel to implement proven strategies.
  • Ten steps to building a portfolio of services that customers want and will pay for.
  • Five stages of leading services in a product company required both for organizational effectiveness and personal sanity.
  • The misconception that selling services lowers overall profit.


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Seriously Selling Services may be mislabeled, because Alexander does more than show us how to sell services. He starts at the beginning of the process--building services capabilities around products that are fighting against commoditization, dealing effectively with existing channel partners, and evolving the dominant product sales culture to think beyond break-fix support and embrace a new value proposition: services that give customers better performance, faster deployment, and lower cost of ownership. Alexander has paid his dues in the product-to-services transformation club. He draws on years of real-world experience with leading companies to show product companies how to grow with services. Seriously Selling Services provides an unmatched, practical road map for senior executives who are ready to execute a serious services strategy.”

R. Gary Bridge
Senior Vice President and Global Lead,
Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.



Short and Sweet
Bring Alex into your organization to facilitate a tailored, interactive session with your senior executives.
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This is a fast, economical way to:
  • Get answers to your critical service questions.
  • Gain the best thinking of a service expert including a proven road map, potholes on the path to progress, lessons learned, and a recommended service approach specific to your business.
  • Discuss/agree upon a general service strategy, focus, and macro plan.
  • Leave the session with deeper understanding, mutual agreement, and energy around advancing the service business opportunity.

How It Works

To ensure the highest quality, most appropriate discussion, Alex will review all relevant documents you provide plus conduct personal telephone interviews with key attendees prior to the executive briefing to better understand their issues, goals, and ideas related to service. In addition, he will provide a summary of key thoughts, insights, and recommendations after the session.

This is a great way to kickstart services.


Quantify and Verify
Find out how ready your organization is for Brilliant Service.

(To be used in addition to the half-day executive briefing or by itself.)


At the core, a readiness review includes interviewing a sampling of key internal players (executive, service leadership, service professionals, sales management, and sellers) to learn their issues, concerns, and ideas around growing services. Normally, a combination of individual interviews and focus groups are used, over the phone or in person.

Alexander Consulting analyzes the data and develops a report outlining strengths, weaknesses, reactions, opportunities, options, and recommended next steps. This information can be presented face-to-face in a two- to four-hour interactive session, or in a two-hour conference call.

A strong addition to the readiness review is interviewing key customers. This not only gains valuable insights, but also acts as a powerful motivator for change. Properly done, this can identify high-priority service offerings that are most valuable to customers that are easy to sell and highly profitable.


Inspiring and Fun
Preach the Brilliant Services Gospel: Invite Alex into your organization for this motivating keynote speech:
  • Building Brilliant Service Businesses. Learn the successful strategies and proven practices of what it takes to build a brilliant (and profitable) service business inside a product company.

NOTE: Dr. Alexander tailors all speeches, seminars, and workshops to address the specific critical issues of your organization.



"Alexander provides an unmatched, practical road map for senior executives who are ready to execute a serious services strategy.”

R. Gary Bridge, Executive Vice President
Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Alexander’s strong credibility as a consulting practitioner and his engaging presentation style combine to make him a big success in addressing my organization.”

Rick Welch, Vice President Professional Services
RSA Security Inc.

“Alexander is definitely a thought leader in services. Not only does he have a great base of knowledge, he is an excellent communicator.”

Patrik Melander, Director, Network Consulting
Ericsson Latin America



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