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Are you a Product Executive who is exploring or building service capabilities within your organization? Then visit our Product Executives page for articles, videos, workshops, and resources that provide successful strategies and proven practices for building a brilliant (and profitable) service business.
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Are you a Service Leader within a product company trying to balance how to profitably grow services and support the company mission?
Then visit our
Service Leaders page for articles, videos, workshops, and resources for brilliant practices and lessons learned for building, leading, managing, and coaching a brilliant service organization.
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Are you a Service Professional who wants to excel and take charge of your career? Then visit our Service Professionals page for articles, videos, workshops, and resources that will show you how to think and act like a brilliant service pro.
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Are you a Strategic Account Manager tasked with helping land big deals and grow loyal key accounts or are you trying to start or enhance a global account management strategy? The visit our Strategic Account Manager page for valuable resources that will help you build the capabilities you need.