Are you a service professional who wants to take charge of your career and become the very best?

Learn how to think and act like a brilliant service pro (BSP). Find the answers to these important questions:
  • Why is the role of the service professional becoming much more important?
  • What are the personal benefits of being seen as a BSP?
  • What are the attributes of the brilliant service pro?
  • What does a BSP do that others don’t do?
  • How can you quickly build trust with your customers and your colleagues?
  • What are the potholes on your personal path to powerful performance and how can you avoid them?

We will help you find the answers and move you along the path to becoming a brilliant service professional.


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For less than the price of NASCAR parking, you can tap into Alex’s best thinking on what it takes to be the very best--the brilliant service pro. Better yet, have your boss buy it for you--it is all about personal development.
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The Brilliant Service Professional uncovers the competencies, tools, and behaviors that enable service pros in any industry to shine as the new corporate rock star—orchestrating superb customer experiences, proactively preventing problems before they occur, and leveraging their relationships to rock out customers and lock out the competition.

Key theme examples from this book include:
  • Executives changing expectations of the service provider.
  • What BSPs do that others don’t do.
  • How the BSP influences with integrity to help the customer become more successful.
  • Potholes on the path to perfect performance.
  • Why under-promise and over-deliver is a bad idea.
  • How to establish trust fast, using the seven trust-building behaviors.
  • Understanding the three types of customers, and how to handle each one.
  • How to plan for and engage customers in worthwhile conversations.
  • Understanding how to create value.
  • Effectively working with sales and other departments.
  • The service pro’s role in helping get new business.
  • How to say no with confidence and style.
  • Building your personal brand.
  • Avoiding scope creep.
  • Mastering your work-life balance.
  • Scores of brilliant practices that you can implement immediately.
  • Other good stuff.



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The Brilliant Service Professional is a fantastic road map to success. Whether a seasoned executive or just cutting your professional teeth, the Brilliant Practices and Shining Examples reinforce our foundation and motivate us to be the best. Alex Alexander is Tom Hopkins, Harvey Mackay, and Malcolm Gladwell all wrapped into one. In our new service economy, BSP will help advance our position in the world market. If you have customers, you need to read this book!”

Chris Zane
Founder and President, Zane’s Cycles, and Author of
Reinventing the Wheel: The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers



Inspiring and Fun
Recommend that your company bring Alex into your organization to teach a two-day training session on becoming a BSP. Sharpen your skills, better help your customers, and have more fun.
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This workshop is built upon the content of the book The Brilliant Service Professional, the research-based, field-proven, guide to becoming an outstanding service professional. Here's a brief outline of the topics covered:
  • Module 1: Transforming from a Technical Expert to a Brilliant Service Professional
  • Module 2: Creating Trust
  • Module 3: Building Customer Acumen
  • Module 4: Mastering the Four Core Relationships Skills
  • Module 5: Influencing with Integrity
  • Module 6: Leading Brilliant Conversations
  • Module 7: Taking Charge of Your Time and Your Life for Peak Personal Performance
  • Module 8: Making Effective Presentations
  • Module 9: Mobilizing Your Personal Plan of Distinction



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