Are you committed to building an outstanding services organization? As the leader of services within a product company, you have many questions to answer, such as:
  • How do you get (and keep) company executives on board the Service Express?
  • What can you do to get sales to stop giving away services and start to superbly sell services?
  • How can you transition your technical talent into brilliant service professionals?
  • What do brilliant service leaders do that others don’t do?
  • What are the metrics that matter and motivate?
  • What are the steps to systematically build trust with your team and other functions?
  • How can you create and control the customer experience process?
  • How can you take charge of your career?

Juice up your team and ramp up your dream. Collaborate with us, and we will help you answer these questions in a timely, thorough, and appropriate fashion.

Is Alexander Consulting right for you? Here are five ways to test the waters:


Cheap and Easy
For about the price of a movie matinee (with Coke and popcorn, of course), you can tap into Alex’s best thinking on successfully building brilliant service within a product company.
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For the tactical service story read The Brilliant Service Professional.
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For the strategic service story read Seriously Selling Services.


Seriously Selling Services
Finding new, profitable streams of revenue…this is one of the prime objectives of almost every executive on the planet. But the choices are few, the challenges big, and the results often mixed. Who has not suffered through a difficult merger or acquisition? How often have the projected benefits of new market strategies never been accomplished? However, business leaders in many product companies are discovering that selling services can not only meet this goal of delivering new, profitable growth, but also sell more products at the same time. Is it simple? No. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth the effort? You bet.

Seriously Selling Services offers research-based, field-proven core and best practices, lessons learned, and benchmarks for successfully selling services. Alexander brings to light the misconceptions that can stop serious initiatives before they get started and offers fresh insights on how to succeed in this lucrative and worthwhile endeavor--regardless of the industry you’re in.

This essential business tool reveals:
  • Why selling services helps sell more products.
  • Why everyone needs to sells services.
  • How to tap the power of your hidden sales force within.
  • How to determine if selling services is appropriate for your organization.
  • Which of the three selling services strategies is right for you.
  • The common barriers to seriously selling services and the common steps to addressing these barriers that never work.
  • Five mandatory “got to do it” actions required to turn box-pushers into sellers of the invisible.
  • Four free-to-fee strategies that never work.
  • How to transition from free to fee and not irritate customers or drive the sales force crazy.
  • What executives must say and do, and do again, to make the transition to selling services.
  • How to grasp the challenge of the channel to implement proven strategies.
  • Ten steps to building a portfolio of services that customers want and will pay for.
  • Five stages of leading services in a product company required both for organizational effectiveness and personal sanity.
  • The misconception that selling services lowers overall profit.

The Brilliant Service Professional
The Brilliant Service Professional uncovers the competencies, tools, and behaviors that enable service pros in any industry to shine as the new corporate rock star—orchestrating superb customer experiences, proactively preventing problems before they occur, and leveraging their relationships to rock out customers and lock out the competition.

Key theme examples from this book include:
  • Executives changing expectations of the service provider.
  • What BSPs do that others don’t do.
  • How the BSP influences with integrity to help the customer become more successful.
  • Potholes on the path to perfect performance.
  • Why under-promise and over-deliver is a bad idea.
  • How to establish trust fast, using the seven trust-building behaviors.
  • Understanding the three types of customers, and how to handle each one.
  • How to plan for and engage customers in worthwhile conversations.
  • Understanding how to create value.
  • Effectively working with sales and other departments.
  • The service pro’s role in helping get new business.
  • How to say no with confidence and style.
  • Building your personal brand.
  • Avoiding scope creep.
  • Mastering your work-life balance.
  • Scores of brilliant practices that you can implement immediately.
  • Other good stuff.



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Seriously Selling Services may be mislabeled, because Alexander does more than show us how to sell services. He starts at the beginning of the process--building services capabilities around products that are fighting against commoditization, dealing effectively with existing channel partners, and evolving the dominant product sales culture to think beyond break-fix support and embrace a new value proposition: services that give customers better performance, faster deployment, and lower cost of ownership. Alexander has paid his dues in the product-to-services transformation club. He draws on years of real-world experience with leading companies to show product companies how to grow with services. Seriously Selling Services provides an unmatched, practical road map for senior executives who are ready to execute a serious services strategy.”

R. Gary Bridge
Senior Vice President and Global Lead,
Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.

“Alexander has a knack for taking mind-bending and snore-worthy topics and turning them into a magnetic read. Readers of The Brilliant Service Professional who take his advice will become service pro rock stars. They’ll boost their relationships, build a dynamite personal brand, gain job security, roll in the dough, and have a blast doing it all.”

Meryl K. Evans
Senior Editor



Inspiring and Fun
Invite Alex into your organization to preach the services gospel in a keynote address, executive briefing, or educational seminar.
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  • Leading the Brilliant Service Organization. Inspire your managers by sharing what it takes to lead, manage, coach, and transition your people into brilliant service professionals.
  • Becoming the Brilliant Service Professional. Juice up the team and ramp up the dream. Alex will educate and motivate your service professionals to step up their performance by thinking and acting brilliantly.
NOTE: Dr. Alexander tailors all speeches, seminars, and workshops to address the specific critical issues of your organization.



“Alexander’s strong credibility as a consulting practitioner and his engaging presentation style combine to make him a big success in addressing my organization.”

Rick Welch, Vice President Professional Services
RSA Security Inc.

“Alexander is definitely a thought leader in services. Not only does he have a great base of knowledge, he is an excellent communicator.”

Patrik Melander, Director, Network Consulting
Ericsson Latin America

“Dr. Alexander is an energetic, dynamic speaker who knows what he is talking about. He does his research and has all the facts about his subject matter. He has spoken at our global conference on several occasions and I highly recommend him.”

Claudia Betzner, Executive Director
Service Industry Association



Short and Sweet
Bring Alex in to facilitate a tailored, interactive workshop with your service leadership team.


This is a fast, economical way to:
  • Get answers to your critical service questions.
  • Gain the best thinking of a service expert including a proven road map, potholes on the path to progress, lessons learned, and a recommended service approach specific to your business.
  • Discuss/agree upon a go-forward plan leading to a brilliant service organization.

Participants will leave the session smarter and motivated with a basket of low-hanging fruit (at least a couple) that will yield quick results back on the job.


Educate and Motivate
Boldly build the brilliance of your service team by having Alex lead this highly interactive workshop that will give your service pros the mindset, knowledge, skills, and tools to think and act like a brilliant service professional.


This workshop is built upon the content of the book The Brilliant Service Professional, the research-based, field-proven, guide to becoming an outstanding service professional. Here's a brief outline of the topics covered:
  • Module 1: Transforming from a Technical Expert to a Brilliant Service Professional
  • Module 2: Creating Trust
  • Module 3: Building Customer Acumen
  • Module 4: Mastering the Four Core Relationships Skills
  • Module 5: Influencing with Integrity
  • Module 6: Leading Brilliant Conversations
  • Module 7: Taking Charge of Your Time and Your Life for Peak Personal Performance
  • Module 8: Making Effective Presentations
  • Module 9: Mobilizing Your Personal Plan of Distinction



Quantify and Verify
How do you measure up? Compare how your service organization performs against brilliant standards.


Create a BSP Performance System that reinforces a culture that outshines your competitors. It all starts with a BSP Assessment. The BSP Assessment will compare and contrast your services organization (or specific department) to brilliant standards, identify strengths and challenges, and recommend steps to capitalize on low-hanging fruit and fuel the engine of positive change.
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Leading the Brilliant Service Organization Series

This series of videos are for service leaders within product companies who are committed to building an outstanding service business. More videos will be added on an irregular basis. If you want to know when, sign up for our (you guessed it) complimentary monthly e-newsletter, Alexander Insights.

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